Sound Analysis


The IT07 has good sub-bass quantity with great extension. The sub-bass reproduction is able to provide an agile rumble. The mid-bass has a fair amount of body and the slam is delivered with a tight punch. The bass decay is quick and there is high engagement level. The bass texture is rendered smoothly. Each bass note is articulated well with impact and precision.


The midrange has high transparency level and there is a leaner presentation. Vocals are presented with excellent clarity. Emotions are conveyed well. The lower midrange has moderate body and male vocals are expressed clearly albeit with reduced body. The upper midrange has good emphasis and female vocals are more upfront. The IT07 delivers a sublime midrange that provides a captivating listen.


The treble has excellent extension with no sibilance and harshness. There is precise articulation and high level of details retrieval. The amount of air rendered is great. The crisp is defined well and there is an apt amount of sparkle to inject energy at the top end. There is a detailed and clean expression.


The IT07 has a natural soundstage expansion with excellent width and depth. There is a holographic presentation.


There are 3 interchangeable filters in total – black, silver & gold. The black filter has a more balanced sound, the silver filter has more treble presence and the gold filter has more bass presence.

CB16 Balanced Cable

iBasso offers an optional upgrade cable CB16 to pair with the IT07.

The cable is made of high purity silver copper alloy and it has a 4 core braided design with MMCX connectors. On the connectors, there are blue & red strain reliefs on the left and right side respectively. The chin slider and y-splitter are grey in colour. The jack is 4.4mm balanced gold plated right angled with strain relief and the housing sports the brand name.

There is a tighter bass presentation and the slam is able to deliver extra punch. Each bass note is articulated with higher level of authority and there is a robust hit. The midrange is fuller sounding and vocals are belted out in a lusher manner. There is good intimacy. The treble is smoother with a touch more extension. The top end is airy and detailed. There is a more holographic soundstage with greater width and depth.

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