Cable Build & Design

The cable is made of copper with new prorietary dual shield and semi-conductive layer that will isolate electrical interferences while maximizing conductivity internally which results in better performance over the Type 6 Litz configuration. The large size bundles from Type 6 The Copper+ has a new matte black finish made out of the signature Plussound insulation. It has a 4 core twisted design. The 0.78mm 2 pins connectors on the cable are rhodium plated and they have a black housing with strain relief. On each connector, there are Plussound logo and screw. There is no memory wire section. Moving on to the chin slider and y-splitter, both are rose gold in color and made of aluminium. Lastly, the jack is 4.4mm balanced rhodium plated straight with strain relief. On the housing, there is the Plussound logo. Like the connectors, there is a screw on the housing too.

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