Sound Analysis (Compared to Stock Cable)


The sub-bass has more emphasis in the sub-bass. This extra elevation helps to provide a tight and impactful rumble. There is terrific extension. Due to the The bass decay is a touch quicker. The bass texture improves and it is rendered more smoothly. The mid-bass has similar body as before but the slam is presented with a higher level of authority. The punch helps to improve the overall presentation. There is a robust bass reproduction. Each bass note is articulated accurately and naturally.


The midrange has a musical expression and vocals are presented in a soothing manner. The Copper+ imbues in the midrange a touch more warmth. It allows an improved conveying in emotions. There is good finesse shown. The lower midrange is injected with more body and male vocals are expressed in a fuller manner. The upper midrange retains its forwardness. There is an intimate and smooth female vocals display. The midrange is musical and it provides a strong vocals performance.


The treble has a touch more extension and there is a higher level of control. There is no sibilance and harshness. The increase in body helps to create a controlled and refined top end. The amount of air rendered is greater and the top end is airy. The is a little reduction in the sparkle. The treble presentation is smooth and there is a fatigue-free listen.


There is good soundstage expansion with noticeable improvement in the width aspect. The depth is great and it contributes to the overall presentation.


The Copper+ is a musical sounding cable that is able to provide a punchy yet tight bass reproduction, lush intimate midrange and smooth controlled treble. The bass is the star of the show. Each bass note is articulated with intent. The bass expression creates an immersive experience. In addition, the Copper+ comes with great hardware. The Copper+ is the first cable in Plussound latest series and it exceeds expectations.