OC Studio is a Taiwanese company that specializes in making handcrafted cables. It was established in 2012. I would like to thank OC Studio for the review unit of their latest cable, Montana. At the moment, you can purchase the Montana from .


Unboxing & Accessories

The Montana comes in a black package that sports the words “Original Cable Studio”. After removing the top cover, there is the Montana. It is surrounded by soft sponge. Below the Montana is the warranty card. There are a pouch, sticker and cable wrap beneath the warranty card. It is a very pleasant unboxing experience.



Cable Build & Design

The cable is made of 21 AWG UPOCC copper wire. It has a sleeve for reducing the microphonics. The Montana I will be reviewing has 2 pins 0.78mm connectors and a 3.5mm jack. The cable can be customized in many ways subject to the availability of the component. Each connector has a matte black housing with the words “OC Studio” printed on it. On each connector, there is black and red stripe on the left and right side respectively. Moving down, there is no chin slider. The y-splitter is bamboo charcoal black with the words “OC Studio” and “Taiwan” printed on it. The jack is 3.5mm straight rhodium plated. It has a matte black housing with a carbon fibre design. There is a rectangular outline and the brand name printed in gold colour on the carbon fibre. The Montana is constructed well with outstanding build quality.


Sound Analysis (Compared to Stock Cable)


The sub-bass has similar quantity and the extension improves with a great magnitude. The sub-bass reproduction is more tight and controlled. It is able to deliver a strong impact. Rumble is quicker and it gives an immense punch. The mid-bass has extra body and the slam is being expressed with a weighted feel to it. The bass has a strong authority whilst maintaining its agility. Each bass note is being presented with a clean hit. Bass decay is more pacey and the bass texture is similar. Bass is improved rather significantly with agility and authority. There is an excellent delivery of a visceral bass presentation.


The midrange is improved with an added smoothness. The lower mids has slightly more quantity and this results in male vocals to be presented in a thicker manner. It creates a more natural and full-bodied performance without any signs of hollow or nasal feeling. The upper mids maintains its crisp but it has better finesse. Female vocals are expressed in an intimate yet controlled manner. There is a tinge of sweetness during the female vocals reproduction. The vocals are being presented in an organic manner with more realism.


The treble extension improves slightly and the body is kept the same. There is an increase in the smoothness. There is a showcase of great finesse and control. It is very soothing to listen to. There is no sibilance and harshness. The amount of air rendered increases by a fair bit and helps to lighten the overall presentation. Treble articulation is more precise with clearer definition.


The expansion in the stage is more natural. The width increases by a huge amount and it sounds very spacious. The depth is improved with more space rendered. Positioning of instruments and vocals becomes more precise.



The Montana is an excellent copper cable that is able to extend the sub-bass deeply and improves the overall smoothness of the sound. Furthermore, the soundstage is very immersive. There is a premium feel to the packaging and the cable is constructed superbly. The OC Studio Montana is a top performing cable.