Sound Analysis


The R5 has great sub-bass quantity and there is good extension. The sub-bass reproduction takes on a fuller manner with a weighted rumble. The bass decay is moderate and there is an effective level of agility. The bass texture is rendered with smoothness. The mid-bass has good body and the slam is delivered with punch. Each bass note is articulated with a smooth yet impactful hit.


The midrange is expressed in a lush manner with a tinge of warmth. There is a soothing presentation and vocals are rendered in a relaxing manner. Emotions are conveyed well. The lower midrange has good quantity and male vocals are expressed with body. The upper midrange is forward and there is a nice intimacy level. The R5 showcases a rich and clear midrange.


The treble has moderate extension with no sibilance and harshness. The expression has body and there are no feelings of it being thin. There is an effective amount of air rendered. The R5 has defined crisp and there is some sparkle to inject liveliness. The treble presentation is controlled and it provides a soothing yet engaging listen. The R5 is able to provide a smooth listen.


The R5 expands with naturalness. The width magnitude is good. There is nice depth rendered. Positioning of vocals and instruments is quite accurate. There is an intimate feeling.

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