Mee Audio is launched in 2005 with production of iems and headphones. Recently, they have come up with a versatile cable set with different adapters. I would like to thank Mee Audio for providing me the universal mmcx balanced audio cable with adapter set. At the moment, you can purchase the cable from .



The cable comes in a white package and upon opening the package, you can see the cable and the various adapters in it. The contents are displayed neatly. You will get a 2.5mm balanced cable, 3.5mm balanced adapter, 4.4mm balanced adapter and 3.5mm stereo (single-ended) adapter. Overall, the unboxing is straightforward.


Cable Design & Build

The MMCX connectors on the cable have a black housing with some form of grip. There is a dot on the right connector. There are L & R markings on the left and right connectors respectively to differentiate between left and right. There is strain relief near the connectors. The chin slider is rectangular with rounded edges. The y-splitter has the Mee Audio logo on it. Both the chin slider and y-splitter are black in colour. Lastly, the jack is 2.5mm balanced and it has a gun-metal housing with “MEE” printed on it.


Sound Analysis (Compared to Stock Cable)


The sub-bass keeps its quantity and its extension improves. Decay is slightly quicker with more rumble. There is a little improvement in the punch. The mid-bass has a better control with more finesse. The cleanliness is being maintained and each bass note has a clear hit.


The midrange quantity remains the same and the cable does not color it much. The lower mids still allow male vocals to be portrayed in its original approach. The upper mids still has its forwardness but it is more controlled now. The resolution is good with a better execution of the midrange.


The treble extends slightly. It helps to smoothen the treble and allows the body to be retained. There is no sibilance and harshness. Treble articulation improves and it is more accurate. Crisp slightly reduces. The level of details retrieval improves. Overall, the top end is more smooth.


There is an increase in the stage width and there is slightly better depth with more space rendered. This definitely helps to reduce congestion. There is better placement of vocals and instruments.



The Mee Audio Universal MMCX Balanced Audio Cable with Adapter Set is a great cable for retaining the original sound signature. Furthermore, the cable build is great with adapters for different sources.