Sound Analysis


The BR5 MKII is able to extend its sub-bass well and it has a moderate quantity. The sub-bass reproduction operates on an agile approach and there is a good consistent punch. The bass decay has speed and the pace accentuates the overall sound. Bass texture on the BR5 MKII is moderately smooth. Each bass note on the BR5 MKII is articulated with precision and there is tightness. The mid-bass has a moderate amount of body and there is a quick slam. The technical aspect is shown well and the bass has great definition.


The BR5 MKII has an exciting midrange and it has great transparency. The midrange has a high level of details retrieval and it is rendered in a very clean manner. It does not present in a thick and lush manner but there is still sufficient body to tackle the vocals section. The lower mids has moderate quantity and male vocals are expressed in a fair manner without any dry feeling. The upper mids is boosted and the forwardness helps female vocals to shine. The intimacy level is good and there is energy which gives engagement.


The treble has a good extension and it shows excellent details retrieval. There is no sibilance and harshness. It has good crisp and slight sparkle to inject excitement into the overall sound. There is a moderate brightness. The amount of air rendered is great and it results in an airy feeling at the top end. There is energy present and it is fun to listen to. The treble is articulated precisely with a moderate amount of body.


The BR5 MKII has moderate naturalness and there is a nice expansion. There is good width magnitude and the depth is not very closed in with sufficient space rendered. The feeling is quite spacious. Positioning of vocals and instruments is good.

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